What We Do

We Love Your Well-being, Just as You Do!

We believe that every Nigerian deserves the provision of wholistic, efficient and responsive health care system, their geolocation notwithstanding.

We work with local and international partners, portion out best practices to build a sustainable health care system in Nigeria.

Over The Years This is How We Care.

We support the Government and the People of Lagos State through the provision of primary health care, provide the public with timely and relevant information.

United Medical Officers

We ensure that Medical Officer of Health of all the various Local Government Areas are United.

Health Care Advancement

We promote the advancement of Primary Health Care and Public Health Care in general

Medicals Officers Welfare

We enhance the welfare and promote interaction of all the Medical Officers in the Country


We co-operate with the other National and International Organization that have similar aims and objectives


Polio Story:

Defying the odds. Not even the rain can stop our polio story

We've The Solution You Seek

The Association of Medical Officers of Health, Lagos Branch.

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