They say “Health is Wealth.” But Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa – but one of the worst health indices.

  • The maternal mortality ratio is exceeded only by Chad, Sierra Leone, and South Sudan
  • Each year, more children under 5 die in Nigeria than anywhere else in the world
  • Nigeria’s life expectancy at birth is just over 54 years, the fifth-lowest in the world

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As a Nation, we have a track record of delivering a powerful, positive impact on public health when the funding, coordination and will are there.

We can build on our experience combatting Covid, Ebola, Polio, and other health challenges to ensure we deliver on the promises of transforming PHC. The opportunity is here, the stakes are high, and we have what it takes. A prosperous future beckons….. Let’s embrace it.

Author: Dr Faisal Shuaib (Executive Director/CEO, NPHCDA)

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