Prioritize the PHC in 2022 Health Sector Reform

This is my position on this:
We would be making a great mistake as a nation if we do not focus on putting PHC 1st in this reform. I hope the Presidency understands this. Need to reform PHC to fit our purpose now.

What We Need to Focus On

A. PHC Policy reform implementation

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– Governance/Leadership Reform
B. Use Health Teams to tackle shift in health Challenges 

– Disease patterns of both Infectious and Non-Infectious Disease – Population explosion control.

I. Train and redistribute more Health Workers to meet needs.

II. Teams to have and meet public and personal health focus.

– Community relations to solve local health needs

– Good population and ID database to ensure disadvantaged populations and personal health problems are addressed.

C. Funding PHC as a priority (not secondary and specialist Care)

– Public Health goods to be free at the point of use to provide demand generation. Employ social health Insurance for financial protection and equitable access

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– Massive Funding of Supply Determinants to meet the demand created by Social health insurance and quality of care needed 

D. Accountability Frameworks to meet the quality of care and operational service guidelines.

– Meet needs

– Acceptable governance level.

Content Credit: Dr Ashiyanbi DapoMedical Officer of HealthIkeja LG, Lagos

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